11 April, 2013

LA POUPÉE. Charmed already? I felt it was about time to reveal some more memories from my PFW treasure box, therefore, meet the It girl , Ioana , a Romanian beloved fashionista whose style goes way beyond the comfort zone of many self-proclaimed fashion savvies. Quirkiness & a boudoir sensuality ? Only she could pull it off that well ! And true..I am proud to share with her the same Romanian roots !

So let's see..I don't even know where to start when introducing this lady . As you'll also find out from her BLOG ..there is a lot of  "dot dot dot" within her "list of charms" aka talents: blogger, stylist, designer & creative mind for BONE, a unique Romanian jewelry brand..and all in all, a multi-"fashezined" personality. Not to mention that she is an extreme style inspiration with an intelligent sense of writing, offering a fascinating array of "goodies" on her blog ! 

The day I met her in Paris, Ioana was wearing LANA , a Romanian fashion brand, whose concept makes me praise once again the army of young creatives that my country has been producing for a while now. 

Hope I managed to steer your curiosity and I promise that you will become a more "colourful" individual once you've checked the resources I offered you in this post. Prepare to be "Fashezined" !   


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  1. Yarinayarina Yarina11 April 2013 at 16:15

    Look great without too many words I like all!


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