Fashion & Music: Deigaard&Ruby have found the perfect mix

10 May, 2013

Two versatile TEKO students are taking us into an eclectic musical journey, giving us an inside scoop on their passion for playing with sounds.

As I was writing this interview, an elegant and captivating mix-tape was rolling in the background, almost dragging me in some sort of hypnosis or into a parallel universe. “ It is a bit different from what Emil and I want to play” , Alexander had told me, before sending me the mix. This only made me even more curious about their project and more excited at the same time about this challenging musical journey that I was about to embark on. 1 hour, 16 minutes and 40 seconds of “abstract music” as I like to call it, had just come to an end and that was when I started wondering who exactly are these two musically restless minds behind the DJ booth and how did their idea come to life. Alexander Diegaard studies Pattern Design at TEKO whilst Emil Ruby is taking a diploma in Visual Fashion Communication. Both of them are Danish with versatile interests and lively personalities. It already sounds like the perfect recipe for an eclectic duo that knows how to light up a party!

So let’s start decrypting their project’s DNA, shall we !?

Why "Deigaard&Ruby" ? 
Those are our surnames so it just came about naturally , but we are thinking about changing it to “Gefühl” (in German: feeling).

What type of music do you usually play?
Mostly Deephouse and Techhouse, some call it lounge.

Is it your own music or are you only mixing it?
We are mixing the songs together, trying to make a story out of the set, so it is not just picking all the time.

How did you guys “click” on a musical level?
Alexander: Emil was in a rock band and I was more into Berlin’s underground electronic music. It might sound different, but it somehow worked out. Emil is very good at analyzing the electronic music and I have learned and developed a lot together with him.

Do you ever have to “betray” your musical beliefs in order to please everyone listening to you or do you try to stick to your own style no matter what feedback you receive from the audience?
We always stick to the music style that we like, and it sort of surprised us that people even liked the minimal tracks. The truth is that not all people can listen to this type of music and understand what makes it good.

Where did you play so far?
We have just started up, so it is a brand new project. Alexander has played in Copenhagen a few times and we have just played our sets during TEKO’s Friday. It is always a great experience to be surrounded by friends and fellow students.

Was it a nerve-racking experience to mix together at TEKO’s Friday Bar?
We were not nervous at all as we felt that we had a pretty good control of our set. The second set was quite different from the first one though, so that’s when we were more concerned about the people's reaction. But judging from the pictures taken that day, it seemed like everyone was enjoying it!

What are your musical inspirations?
It is difficult to answer because it’s all kinds of music. We play electronic now, but we are talking about messing around with other genres, like old school Hip Hop and Soul, to develop ourselves. Within the electronic music we find musicians such as Frivolous, Stimming and DJ Koze very inspiring. Koze is one of the world's best remixers. Stimming uses the surrounding sounds to make music and Frivolous is so unique that you can only love it.

Are you planning to continue this project in the long run after you finish studying at TEKO?
Alexander is moving back to Copenhagen this summer and Emil is moving to Aarhus, so it will be a bit difficult to practice often. But of course we will stick together and visit each other as often as possible - and luckily for us, Denmark is not that big.

If you were to choose, would you sacrifice a career in fashion for one in music?  
Of course, we concentrated on what we are studying and going for a future in the field, but it is healthy to have a hobby where you have the opportunity to grow and learn a lot. Music is something we surround ourselves with every day and everyone has an opinion about this, which makes it interesting to work with.

So now the rhetorical question comes: When will we be able to hear these guys again? I think we might have to call them in for a Focus Magazine reception! 


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