Fields of green

08 May, 2013

THE GREENER THE MERRIER . after receiving this outrageously deliciously green dress, a flood of summer excitement sprung inside of me and I knew I need to take it to a proper environment , where it can bloom and shine at its true value. 

And what better place , then my own childhood environment, my beloved countryside in Romania, which believe me, looks like a real piece of heaven. Coming back home from an always-dead natural environment in Denmark, never felt so surreal and the transition from 10 to 30 degrees is quite something. 

I have spent an amazing time with my folks, celebrating the Orthodox Easter. It was a blessing to be able to see again some dear and beloved people , and I don't regret any minute coming back home, in spite of my school skipping and tiring plane travels. The only thing I regret is not having enough time to really enjoy the richness surrounding me here and to enjoy more time with my parents. But now there's nothing else left to do but wait for my highly anticipated internship in Spain, where I'll see my parents again. 

A sleeveless version of the dress I am wearing is available HERE !! Don't miss the chance of owning such a pretty thing. Free shipping worldwide ^^ 

dress Sheinside
shoes H&M




  1. Fab! Love this photos!

  2. Oh, that dress is just amazing!! I love love love the details! :D I hope you had a great vacation, spending time with family is bliss! :D

  3. I did have a great one, yes, although short, but i feel super recharged now and ready to get back to work :D


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