Magpie Lane

19 May, 2013

A 60's PASTEL. Never underestimate the power of a vintage shop ! Just a while ago, I told myself I am done with those sweet & feminine outfits, but apparently, Magpie Lane proved me wrong ! So here I am , embracing my femininity through a sweet Twiggy-worthy mini dress, that managed to seduce me at first sight ! 

I discovered this little beauty while exploring the vibrant and timeless garments inside Magpie Lane, a piece of vintage heaven powdered with sartorial nostalgia and soaked in a vivid and irresistible chromatic. This intimate and delicate shop has become "my special place" here in Herning and every minute spent there lights unceasing sparks of enchantment inside me. 

I have always had a weakness for everything vintage with a special history behind, so it goes without saying that Magpie Lane managed to immediately relight my nostalgic self, by dragging me into its cinematic atmosphere.   

Out of all the pretty little frocks available there, this particular dress caught my eye the most, and I knew I had to share it with you. What makes it beyond special, is the fact that it is designed by a fellow TEKO student, Sarah Båtdums, who creates some delightful pieces under the label "OUT OF MY HANDS" . ( btw, brilliant name ! )  I was really happy to be able to support this girl's work and I really wish I'll have the chance to showcase even more pieces designed by the talented students at TEKO in my future posts !

Now, girls and smart boys ( wishing for the perfect present ) , if you find yourselves living in Herning, make sure you pay Magpie Lane a well-deserved  visit!  The moment you'll step inside the store, you will immediately embark upon an exciting and colourful journey back in time !  




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