My 1st year university portfolio

06 May, 2013

-What I've been doing as a university student for the past few months, in short- 

As a part of a school assignment but also because of a personal urge ( which convinced me to make this public), I have created a (hopefully) comprehensive online portfolio with all my work I've done throughout these past few months since I've been a Branding & Marketing student at TEKO. You'll also find there my personal CV.

With two more months left until the official closing of my 1st year, there are still some other projects in progress at the moment which I haven't presented in the current portfolio, but I promise to add them there as soon as they come to an end ! 

So, for those of you considering an upper-education at TEKO, HERE's what you should expect, at least from the first 2 semesters ! 

P.S. I haven't even received a feedback from my evaluating teacher for this yet , but no matter what the outcome will be, I am still proud of everything that I have achieved during these past few months, and nothing can change that !

See you soon with an outfit post ! 



  1. Your resume is so impressive especially for your age! Congrats so far!

  2. thank you so much ! I loved your last blog post ! You are a really brave girl !

    best wishes


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