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30 May, 2013

When you are a student in Herning,  it's not everyday that you get the chance to expose in a real-life scenario (other than within the safe space of your room while playing dress-up in front of the mirror) the fanciest, most "look-at-me"-shouting attire hidden in your wardrobe. So when I got an invite to the Graduate Fashion Show organized by 4 TEKO students ( whom you'll hear more about from me in the up-coming future), I knew I had to seize the opportunity.

To be frank, unless I want to project a certain message on the blog, through a special outfit, I usually spare myself from the, although delicious and fascinating, still rather unnecessary fuss of getting all glammed-up. Instead, I go for more practical, biking-friendly sartorial choices, that can also cope with the untamed weather around here. This has obviously become the case only after having experienced the Scandinavian lifestyle. 

But every once in a while, my reckless fashion hunger comes back around, and as any type of hunger, it needs immediate satisfaction. 

So here come the red lipstick, the vintage sequined top and the floor sweeping silk skirt, that desperately wanted to get together for the occasion. 

 But in order to tone down the obvious discomfort of walking the streets in daylight shining brighter than a disco-ball and dragging suspicious stares upon me (oh well..) , I chose to walk on flat ground, although sandals in Denmark are not the smartest choice, as I was about to find out on my way back home, when the most sudden rain started pouring down my precious ensemble. 

I couldn't let anything ruin my evening though, especially the rain, which stopped being a surprise in Denmark, so although I turned into a total fashion mess, having my girl pal by my side brought along lots of laughs and a long-waited adventure to recall afterwards. 


vintage blouse from Magpie Lane
skirt Depot96 
sandals Zara
clutch Max Mara 

Until next time...seize the moment ! 



  1. u look so stunning !!!!! i like the top a lot


  2. thank you thank you thank you ! <3

  3. Fashion Party blog5 June 2013 at 16:32

    Wow gorgeous! Love it!


  4. hey there ! thanks a bunch !! ^^ best wishes


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