Kaleidoscope Dream

06 June, 2013

"MORE" IS SOMETHING NEW. Call it "summer excitement" or simply temporary madness, but here I am wearing the most outrageously colourful dress I've ever owned ! In a mass of beige, white & black ( my wardrobe that is ), almost out of the blue ( or the rainbow), here comes the ultimate kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, tropical, floral printed dress, ready to take me straight on a dream, exotic escapade (and yes, I could keep on going with the adjectives..)

So this particular dress-up experience has definitely been one of the most energetic, refreshing and tonic ones that I've had in a loooong while! The land of never-ending coldness aka Denmark has been really keen on proving me lately that those "old grey days" are definitely over so I was somehow tricked  into putting on this sartorial exhibit of happiness, which screams out loud "SUMMER" ! 

But when you have to deal with something so chromatically out of control, there's no question that the smartest thing you can do is tone it down with neutrals !! That's when my beloved H&M blazer stepped in with its 80's over-sized  shoulders and super asymmetric cuts. This item seems to be able to save any sartorial choice of mine that ventures on dangerous territory...or at least, that's what I hope.

So, tight, short and mega colourful...do I have your approval with this one or more like a red card for fashionably misbehaving ? 

P.S. You can find this affordable and fun dress on Sheinside's website HERE !

dress Sheinside 
shoes Bershka
blazer H&M



  1. Fashion Party blog7 June 2013 at 18:25

    I just fall in LOVE with this dress! It's perfect!


  2. u look so gorgeous with this dress

  3. thank you so much, dear ! ^^

  4. get your hands on it, then. it's really something! perfect for summer !:D

  5. thanks ^^

  6. You look precious, gorgeous, stylish!

  7. I love this dress and the pictures are stunning! xx Maylis



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