Birthday in Cadiz

27 July, 2013

HAPPINESS. it's my birthday weeeeeyyyy !!! I'm officially 20 and I feel like I'm about to start a new, serious and defining chapter in my life..bring it on, adulthood ! haha

So yesterday I decided to celebrate my birthday by taking a trip to Cadiz, the happiest and brightest place I've ever visited !  And there's no way the people living there could be anything but happy, when there's so much beauty and freedom surrounding them ! It was my first encounter with the Atlantic ocean and the experience was super exciting ! So exciting that I spent an entire day in the sun, strolling from beach to beach and constantly smiling...

Although alone and although the day has started with a rather cloudy sky, the sun didn't disappoint in the end and Cadiz gave me a wonderful day, and new random friends haha

I'll leave you with a looong set of photos taken during my visit ! Cadiz is definitely a place to visit ! 

happy happy happy ! ^^ 

I was wearing a MANGO bathing suit




  1. Sara, soy Alfredo, el que te hizo la foto en la playa de La Caleta, en Cádiz, con el castillo de San Sebastián al fondo. Las fotos de Cádiz son muy artísticas y tu estas muy guapa. Tu blog es fantástico. MUCHAS FELICiDADES. B. Alfredo

  2. la multi ani! :) si imi plac foarte mult pozele!


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