Plaza de España

15 July, 2013

MY FAVOURITE PLACE. I can't express enough the astonishment experienced when I first stepped inside this unbelievably beautiful place...Its lavishness and grandeur are simply spellbinding. You suddenly feel so small and insignificant, yet completely happy by just looking around you and admiring this architectural wonder.

Plaza de España is a rather new monument (1927), compared to the other beauties in Seville, but although it doesn’t have such a historical richness as the Cathedral for instance, it gained a special place in my heart, together with the “Maria Luisa” park situated right outside the edifice, which became my favourite escapism sanctuary. The park takes the exotic and heavenly beauty of Seville to a whole new level and never fails to delight and relax you.

It’s been two weeks now since I have been living in Seville, and I’m slowly starting to feel more like a local, than like a tourist. Maybe because I’ve stopped snapping photos everywhere around, or maybe because my Spanish has improved...(?!) To be honest though, it might be because I finally started to work in a real office. It’s such a peculiar yet enriching feeling to go to work every day and do something productive. The experience is definitely different than going to university and I am trying to analyze and digest every aspect of it. 

It’s such an energetic environment to work in, surrounded by chatty, loud, yet entertaining ladies who besides small-talking and trying on clothes also work intensely 8 hours a day and make me feel very comfortable and almost equal. It’s nice to be able to experience adulthood in such a serious way, and it was about time, since soon…oh, so soon..I’ll be turning 20..Then I’ll really have no more excuses !

I was wearing:

top Bershka
shorts ZARA
shoes ZARA
handmade necklace

See you next week ! 







  1. I love that necklace!

  2. Anaivilo Borsa15 July 2013 at 11:51

    This is such a beautiful place!! I am really enchanted, oh , the photos and the plaza are amazing! :D I am sure you are having a wonderful time there ;)

  3. Wow, I'm really impressed by your creative skills!! Congrats, keep up the good work!

  4. Such lovely pics! Personally I love Sevilla, I spent last 5 months in Andalusia and Sevilla is one of the most wonderful cities I have visited! Nice to read that you like it also :)

  5. The first picture is so amazing! It belongs in a fashion manazine

  6. I am indeed ! thank you so much !! ^^

  7. thanks so much. really appreciate it ! ^^

  8. it is lovely indeed, but sooo hot :D

  9. haha that´s such a nice thing to say ! i wish..but thank you ! ^^

  10. i really love Sevilla and can't wait to go back there! :)
    kisses from Transylvania! :)

  11. This place look gorgeous! I love all of the beautiful blue tile work!

    xx Erin


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