Real Alcazar

22 July, 2013

ENDLESS BEAUTY. Three weeks have gone already, and although I’ve been in Seville for a while now, I still can’t avoid falling in love with its beauty day by day. 

A place I hadn’t visited yet, since I arrived here were the Gardens of Real Alcazar, another historical, lavishing and fascinating place in the heart of this spectacular city, which I am happy to have finally discovered. 

Less than one week left until my birthday and the feeling is bittersweet, as I won’t have my family around to celebrate the day. Although alone, I can’t let distance affect me, not now when I have so much beauty within reach and when August is right around the corner, a highly anticipated month for me, as I’ll be visited by some special people: my super parents and a new, dear friend that I will tell you more about in the future. 

But for the time being, I decided to expand my Spanish exploration beyond the borders of Seville, and take a one-day trip to Cadiz, one of the oldest European cities. So my birthday will be celebrated with an exciting adventure, yet extremely challenging, given the two tasks I am planning to fulfill in one single day:  sight-seeing & sun-bathing… Wish me luck!

P.S.  Next week, I might have a special surprise on the blog for you! See you then!


Depot 96 skirt
H&M cut-out top
Zara shoes
Mango bag
Vintage scarf
necklaces: stradivarius (blue), H&M and an old golden one




  1. The skirt is so gorgeous! I also love the pictures

  2. Such a beautiful place! Oh goodness, I could gaze at them all day long. Beautiful outfit ! :D


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