Welcome to Sevilla !

08 July, 2013

HEAVEN. I've been in Sevilla for exactly one week now, and I can't believe how fast time has flown by..It took me a while to settle but here I am finally with my first post from this magical place !

Sevilla has welcomed me with open arms and a HOT climate. The transition from the utterly depressing weather in Denmark to this warm paradise has definitely had a strong impact on my well-being. Despite the heat, I've never felt so energized !! It's like I'm feeding myself with solar energy and  with the beauty that surrounds me ! Here are my first pictures taken around the city throughout this whole week. I've never walked so much in my life, but despite the pain in my feet, I still feel I could do this every day ! I think one of my favourite things in the world is discovering a new city by foot and getting lost on random, intimate and romantic streets- and Sevilla has plenty of those ! 

I am also extremely happy to be able to change my wardrobe and take on a happier, lighter and more exotic approach to fashion. The dress I am wearing in this pics was definitely love at first sight, although its print is something very new for me ! In terms of shoes, I must tell you that the heels will most probably be completely replaced by flats while I'll be living here. Walking around the city in the heat is an already challenging task, so I have to make sure that I feel as comfortable as possible !

P.S. My next post will probably arrive next week. I will try to keep the frequency of my posts on a weekly basis. Until next time, if you still haven't made any plans for this summer, you should definitely add Sevilla on your travel list ! This city is pure heaven ! 

sandals - ZARA
dress - Suite Blanco
bracelet - Bianco
headband worn as bracelet - Stradivarius 







  1. Sunt absolut superbe pozele, la fel si locatia!

  2. The dress is amazing! Love the floral print



  3. I'm so jealous - it looks so beautiful! As do you!


  4. thank you darling !!! ^^

  5. thanks so much !!

  6. multumesc ! ma bucur ca iti plac ! :)

  7. Gorgeous city, precious you!
    Love the sandals.

  8. Mariyana Karamfilova14 July 2013 at 22:31

    I see someone has a lot of fun! Enjoy yourself to the max, Sara :))

  9. Your dress is gorgeous! The photos are great! You're lovely!



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