Campo Andaluz

31 August, 2013

AU NATUREL. last week I had the chance to enhance my Spanish cultural awareness even more when invited to my friend's Reyes's country house. the place was a piece of heaven ! Andalusian heaven that is..though it also took me to Egypt and Morocco ( the pictures will answer your question mark )

Although I am still in Torremolinos, I had to share with you this delayed post before revealing my adventures in Costa del Sol. It's just amazing how lucky I am to be able to experience the magnificent Spanish culture from an insider's perspective. I almost feel adopted by it, although I know my heart will not settle any time soon and it will always fly around the world, in search of..well, anything beautiful and spiritually enriching. And this is exactly how my visit to the Andalusian country-side felt like. Lots of sun, nature, laughter, art and..grapes hehe. My outfit choice was equally traditional and ethnic, and I must say, I absolutely loved dressing up like this !  

Now I can only look forward to my next visit to the secret garden of Eden in El Capricho, Andalusia, Spain !


top Bershka
trousers Zara
sandals Zara
traditional necklaces & bag



photos by Reyes and me  

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