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03 September, 2013

CAREFREE. well , not anymore. but last week, I had the chance to spend 5 extra lazy days together with my parents at the sea side in Torremolinos, a beautiful resort in Costa del Sol here in Spain. 

Although I'm back in Seville, for my last month here before my return to Denmark in October, I still have loads of photos from the seaside to share with you, so expect a series of very exotic posts to be continued .

Reminiscing upon my beach relaxing moments, I still can't believe it how surreal it felt during the first days to just be able to do nothing all day long, soak in the sun until sunset and do yoga underneath the stars before the sunrise. Although I am a workaholic , I have to admit I wouldn't have minded being able to enjoy a few more days under that schedule. 

But reality brought me back to work, for my last weeks of internship. Parents are leaving today, so time to wake up and get back to business ! After all, it's September, which always marks the beginning of something new so I am sure my adventures in Seville are not over yet ! 

See you soon with more outfit posts ! 



  1. Lovely photos, I like your dress or shirt, what is that... :D

    First photo it's amazing!

  2. You look gorgeous my dear! Lovely photos


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