30 September, 2013


So, this is it. my last day of internship has finally arrived and I've never felt more nostalgic. It's been 3 intense months of brand new experiences and magnificent landscapes. Here are my last photos taken at the seaside . Spain, I will miss you ! 

But I am ready for my next life chapter, which I am sure will bring even more accomplishments. I have new dreams, new plans for my blog and challenging projects that I am determined to work on, so I hope you'll stick around ! 

I have to admit I feel quite "out of breath" at the end of this experience, as each working day here in Seville was marked by quite an intense routine. I feel like at the end of this summer, I became more organized, disciplined but I also got to spend more time with myself, as weird as it may sound, getting to know my weaknesses and strenghts and clarifying my future goals.  

So, see you in Denmark , guys ! Winter, here I come ! 

Hasta luego, Spain !




  1. Fashion Party blog30 September 2013 at 13:53

    Lovely photos! You look beautiful!

  2. you look beautiful!

  3. Really beautiful photos!
    Nice blog!
    Mel xx

  4. Awesome! I really like these photos!


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