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30 October, 2013


Especially during cold season ! And autumn surely knows how to make us, fruit & vegie freaks, happy !
Personally, I've never been a kitchen pro, nor will I ever be for any "good old wifey"'s standards, but one thing I know: creativity will be there to save my day...and my stomach! 

So, lately I have been really making the most out of fall's bag of healthy treets by creatively experimenting with my oven and with a rather basic range of ingredients: 

fruit & vegies :
apples, butternut pumpkin, beetroot, carrots, kale


quinoua & all seeds everything (flax, sun-flower, pumpkin, sesame, poppy ) 

dairy for topping:

low-fat Skyr yoghurt, goat cheese


cinammon & cayenne pepper

Then it's time to MIX & MATCH, use your gourmet intuition and creativity, put some love into it and BON APPETIT ! 

Pre-heat the oven, and LET IT BAKE, until ready (250 degrees) 

MY PERSONAL FLAVOUR TIP: goat cheese & avocado topping sauce (just mix the 2 until creamy enough) !!! Might sound weird, but trust me, it's HEAVENLY ! 

Any other instructions will ruin the surprise factor of a baking experience so go have fun! You litterally cannot benefit from anything healthier, more delicious and also on a budget (student budget that is) !

P.S. You've just experienced a cooking lesson from the most unexperienced cook on planet web. Although I won't be writing a book any time soon, more such posts will come up in the near future, whether you "eat" them or not. It's just that I made a true passion for photographing my food so I really cannot stop at the moment... (pun intended) ^^



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