Masculine Layering

29 October, 2013


First off, HELLO THERE ! I'm finally back and eager to get it started again with some good business aka blog content attentively crafted for all you creatures out there passionate about fine&funky goodies related to fashion, design and lifestyle. 

From now on, my blog has taken the impossible yet exciting mission of offering you some rather varied articles, including...tananana...MENCULTURE, to put it like this, as it won't be solely menswear. Everything related to MEN can be found from now on in the "URBAN DON" section. 

All content related to my personal life, style, portfolio and so on, is comprised within the "Sara's" tag .

Other sections, which haven't been updated yet include ,"GOODIES" where I'll share with you "must-see"s / news related to fashion and graphic design; then "STYLE NOTES" ( the sub-headings from the menu say it all ) ; "LIFESTYLE" ( work in progress)  and my personal favourite..."STORIES" where I'll share with you inspiring articles/interviews with talented people that are making a difference around them. 

Ok, no panic...LOTS OF WORK on my shoulders indeed, but I am very excited about this !

I am really hopeful that this new platform I have designed with the help of one pretious and remarkable friend , will allow me to express more cohesively and creatively than before, and hopefully, it will also make it more easily for you readers to swim through my sea of thoughts without getting drowned. 

And now, let's have some fashionable alone time with the current outfit I'm channelling in these pics, shall we ? 

So, just in time for Halloween I chose to disguise in my all-time favourite costume, which is a rocker-heart-business-man, a rather pervasive character throughout my day-to-day sartorial choices, rebellious and nostalgic at the same time, but nonetheless fearless about piling up layers of items onto any attire, as illustrated in the present photos. Not that I need an excuse to hide my restless hunger for layering, but I know that my latest choice won't please every critical eye out there reading this.  I had to do it though, call it #guiltypleasure, or even #survivalkit for the "windylicious" habitat I am currently living in, and actually enjoying, called Denmark ! 

Now the inevitable question pops out- are you subscribing to the "MORE IS MORE" mantra or are you an advocate for minimalism ? Don't get me wrong, I often times go for the opposite approach as well, be it because of a particular mood, or only due to my bipolar personality, but the fun of literally "building" an outfit is undeniable !

I was wearing ( A LOT ) : 

the leathericious biker jacket, you've also saw me wearing HERE by InWear
tweed blazer by Soaked In Luxury
open dress by Luxuz
trousers Zara
black silk tank top Topshop

shoes Sperry Top Sider
bag by Rudi and Harald
gloves Front Row

P.S. Hope you will forgive me for the long wait and you'll still join me in this new adventure I am about to embark on ! 

Thank you for everything ! 







  1. OMG So prfect combination!! Very awsum monochrome looks! Love the shoes, and of course the outer!!!
    Anyway, wanna follow each other ?? Just let me know ;)

    Visit mine:

    1. Thank you sweetie ! Your looks are super cute ! Just followed you ! Keep in touhc on facebook : and instagram :

  2. You rock with this outfit, I really like the upper layering.

    1. I really appreciate your comment ! Thank you so much !

  3. this is the most perfect layering I've seen for weeks

    1. Thank you so much ! It's such a huge compliment coming from you ! You rock, girl ! :)

      best wishes

  4. you look super stunning in this!!!!
    all leather everything!!!
    just gorg!


    1. thank you Judas !! Leather always rocks !! hehe :D



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