PFW memories: famous faces

04 October, 2013

LOST AND FOUND. with another fashion month completed, and with my inevitable and COLD return to Denmark, it felt like the perfect time to dig through my dusty and ever smile-generator personal foto archive. to my surprise, I stumbled upon some almost forgotten folders dating back to the f/w PFW in March. 

So, in a moment ( or several hours ) of fashion-week nostalgia, I gathered a fine selection of worth-mentioning figures that are no strangers to being a streetstyle target for every fashion hunter holding a camera (myelf included I guess) . Still, this post is not about streetstyle, but about the versatility of the fashion world, that makes fashion week more exciting than a sky-diving session. 

And I would give anything for another 1-2-1 moment with Mrs. Coddington (below) , "gracing" my camera lens. 

Hooray for fashion ! 


Grace Coddington
Angelo Flaccavento

Carine Roitfeld

Caroline Issa

Clemence Poesy 

Franca Sozzani

Frank Ocean

Giovanna Bataglia 

Hamish Bowles
Jessica Stam

Jessica Alba

Justin O'shea

Mademoiselle Yulia


Saskia de Brauw

photos by Sara Constance


  1. Mademoiselle Yulia is awesome!

    1. Indeed she is ! Super fierce and gorgeous ! ^^


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