breakfast quick fix: scrambled eggs with vegies and salmon

14 November, 2013


There are people who love food, and people who love breaksfasts. And what better way to start your day than with a delicious fiesta of colour & health directly delivered on your plate?!

After a serious morning run and training, there's no better recharging fuel for me than a massive portion of scrambled eggs with creamy goat cheese, fresh vegies and that holy heavenly smoked salmon. Diving into such a savoury, hearty, creamy, irresistible pool of flavours while crunching on fresh lettuce will take your stomach on a Unicorn ride !

This breakfast idea might be the most basic type of morning dish in the history of breakfasts, yet its nutritious and fun value can never go out of style, so I had to snap-shot and archive my own take on the popular mixture. 

Hope you'll feel hungrier and more inspired tomorrow morning, as this fast, simple recipe will leave you with NO EXCUSE to ever skip breakfast again !

good night & good morning


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  1. That omelette looks so yummy! I like the idea of eating it with salad


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