02 November, 2013


So the "skirt over pants" layering must be one of the coolest, boldest, yet riskiest style moves you can make. And because we're talking about RISKY BUSINESS here, I gathered in this post, not only my humble styling trials (as seen HERE and HERE ) , but also a handful of really valuable tips coming from design & blogging PROs. 

Why should you try this trend ?

1. It's cold outside, so get creative ! 
2. You're not ready to commit to either one of these styles: lady-like vs. mannish. So mix and match ! 
3. You want to make a feminist statement. 
4. Layering is just FUN ! 

Why is this my favourite type of layering ? Well, I guess because I've never actually been a fan of short skirts, but somehow I ended up with a bunch of them in my closet... So what better way to recycle them especially when you live in a cold climate as I currently do, than pairing them with trousers/jeans ?! 

Plus, wearing things the way they were designed to be worn in the first place is just..dated. So, let's do some wardrobe mingling, shall we?

1st stop- some cheating tricks, for those who are still unsure. You can either take a monochrome approach to the trend as seen at Costume National, and choose a one-shade mix or go the Phillip Lim way by stuffing those trousers inside a good old mighty pair of over-the-knee boots (SO ON TREND RIGHT NOW) 


Next stop- the classy way, which can never go wrong ! Play with those black & white basics and create a puzzle of clean, structured and feminine layers.

Phillip Lim Pre A/W 2013 RTW                                                  Balenciaga A/W 2013 RTW

And now, here comes my favourite part- The denim way ! What easier take on this trend than adding your most precious pair of ripped jeans underneath a totally girly skirt ?! Pure AWESOMENESS ! And the style queens below aka Leandra and Susie have definitely mastered this talent, plus they seem to have a similar approach towards colour combos as well ( great minds think alike, d'ok ! ) So here we actually have two style tips in order to master layering : JEANS + complementary colours ! (Orange + blue , red+ green, purple + yellow...serious FUN, FUN, FUN! )

Finally, I gathered a set of pretty little skirts and pretty little pants (high & low price range) to give you an extra teaspoon of inspiration ! 

Good, now are you ready ? Get your fearless styling mood on and try out some crazy combos! 


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  1. I.wie mag ich diesen Trend total !!
    ich werde auch mal sowas kombinieren..
    link unsren gefällt mir dein outfit richtig gut ! <3



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