HOW TO: Style the denim jacket !

07 November, 2013

 photo VIA Fashnberry


So the recent editorial ( which you can see HERE)  from Grazia France, brilliantly styled by Stephanie Brissay  and shot by Terry Gates, inspired me to give the good old denim jacket its well deserved spotlight for a new "HOW TO" post . 

Since we can't really wear this item as styled in the aforementioned editorial (although I would SO do it in a perfect world), I decided to go through my blog's archive and recycle a few outfit posts to show you my personal take on this classic piece.

My vintage Miss Sixty jacket, which might be one of the most repeatedly worn pieces in my wardrobe, seems to have a slight affinity for sequins, as each of the 3 looks presented below are wearable high-low mixes between denim and glittzy fabrics. 

(Click on each photo to see the original posts)

Although winter is right around the corner, that doesn't stop our lovely denim jacket from taking the streets, looking fab & fierce. Thanks to J Crew's wonderwoman, Jenna Lyons, here's an easy and ÜBER cool way to channel your inner streetstyle denim queen.


Layer a few extra sweaters underneath and throw that classic coat over your shoulders for an "I'm awesome and I know it" look.

Finally, a quick & super affordable shopping list :

          1. PULL & BEAR                                                  2. TOPSHOP

Have fun, my little denim warriors ! 



  1. you did it great! great blog
    shall we follow?take a look at ours
    greetings from Holland

    1. Thank you so much, girls !! I absolutely love your blog ! Just followed you on facebook and Bloglovin ! hope to keep in touch !! Would also love to visit Holland again haha

      greetings from Denmark


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