Lace, tweed and otk boots !

19 November, 2013



 I'm talking about lace here, so I am sorry to disappoint you that I am not about to narrate any fairytales.

I could tell you a little bit though about my perfect type of fairytale. It involves lace, tweed, black, leather and otk boots in the same picture !

Because it's getting colder and colder out there, and a massive, grey and sartorially uncreative cloud threatens to destroy any fashionable mood still alive in Herning, I had to spice things up a bit, to avoid facing such a scenario !

So thanks to the always-full-of-goodies Jydepotten, I got my hands on this delicious blazer from Philosophy Blues Original, which was the perfect pop of colour to my all-black ensemble.

I've always been fascinated with lace, and luckily, there's a new micro trend going on around lingerie-looking pieces worn outdoors. To my defense, the piece I was wearing in this photos used to be an actual dress with an opaque lining, which has recently vanished thanks to my pair of scissors, and ended up looking like a classic négligé , ready to take on the streets ! 

So speaking of trends, you're probably familiar with the current frenzy taking over the streetstyle scene, fashionably known as OTK boots, aka, "over-the-knee" boots that is..And boy, how happy I am for the comeback of this trend, as it saved my good old Zara boots from being forever abandoned !

So here you have it, my take on lace, tweed, and thigh-high boots. Are you feeling this juice or is that too much in the same blender ?

blazer (Philosophy Blues Original) & bag  (Fonnesberg) thanks to Jydepotten

jeans, boots Zara



  1. Great look, you look amazing!

  2. You look so cute first of all ! Second your blazer and coat are just GORGEOUS.. wow ! I am still searching for OTK boots. My legs are skinny so I need to find a slim-fit pair.


  3. Love it! The blazer is to die for and the coat and boots are just gorgeous. You look absolutely stunning love!

    1. thank you so much ! I accidentally deleted your other comment haha..sorry for that. But thank you for your amazing feedback !

  4. Love the tweed jacket and yeah you're rocking those otk boots. Haha it's the first time I heard otk stands for that. :D

    1. Thank you sweetie !! I heard about the "Shortcut" for this type of boots just recently as well, but it's definitely practical haha :D


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