Menswear Designer Showcase: SIX LEE

06 November, 2013


Showcasing emerging menswear designer, SIX LEE for my first "urban don" post felt utterly fitting since the poetry behind his brand centres around the revival and portrayal of the classic gentleman on a contemporary, urban canvas. As the designer himself puts it, his Fall/Winter 2013 Collection hasA focal interest on 19th century fine tailoring of the English aristocracy gets combined with the Popes, Detective and Priest costumes to presents the classic tailoring tradition with a futuristic twist. " 

So who exactly is Six Lee? Well, his name weighs quite a heavy deal of talent and experience :

"The founder and chief designer of the brand “SixLee”. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium in 2009, and was the first Chinese graduate from this well-known fashion design school. Having graduated, Six moved to London and joined Alexander McQueen's menswear team. In 2011, Six set up his own brand as an Antwerp & Hong Kong-based menswear-fashion designer" (extract from Six Lee's biography

Now, on a side note, morning web-surfing, in the right places & at the right time, often times makes you stumble upon some magical goodies. That was also the case for me today when a random click made me discover Six Lee's S/S 2013 lookbook, created in collaboration with Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo. As a fan of collage art and mixed media, this artistic venture of the two stole my heart on the spot and left me completely charmed! Feist your eyes below with these exquisite masterpieces !


 And now, my favourite pieces from SixLee Fall/Winter 2013

sharp layering
smart cuts

These clothes are made for an "urban don" whos knows how to wear a dapper armor with style and masculinity.

Boys, watch and learn ! 

We can't wait to see more from this brilliant creative mind! 

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