Suit revolution

27 November, 2013


That's right. The classic bespoke has gone a long way since its first emergence in Savile Row's shopwindows and in all earnest, unless we're talking about an 18th century theatre set, no one fancies a genuine George "Beau" Brummell strolling around the streets. 

Because nowadays, THE STREET has become man's favourite place to strut his best "dandy" stuff. He's taken his precious preppy ensamble outside the ceremonial settings, the gala events, the ball rooms or whatever other 4-pins-dresscode environments, straight on the raw setting of the urban catwalk. And dayumm...doesn't that make us, all the ladies, SO HAPPY ? 

The modern MAN is not afraid anymore of the stiff and pretentious suit. He has learned to tame it with a massive amount of style and sex-appeal, adding a fun and original edge to it, whether through a pair of colourful striped socks, or a colour-blocked polo T-shirt. The colours have also EXPLODED outside the "50 shades of grey" zone, and the "mix & match" technique seems to be given quite a lot of attention. The cold season is the best time of the year to play around with layering different suit pieces from different suit ensembles ! Think outside the "black tie-white shirt" combo especially when you take your suit to the streets ! And accessories are not an option anymore ! 

The ladies surely love a man with an eye for style !

So, get inspired, gentlemen ! 

photo Sara Constance

  Karl Edwin Guerre at PFW March 2013
photo Sara Constance
 photo Sara Constance
 photo Tommy Ton for
 photo Tommy Ton for

 photo via


  1. Awesome post. Love the first illustration.

    1. Thank you, Alex !

      That's so kind of you ! And I love your blog ! Great style you have there !!

      It's such a great feeling for me to have my blog read by male fashion lovers ! So thank you for that and good luck with your work ! :)

      best wishes


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