Team work makes the dream work (?)

03 November, 2013


While cravingly devouring the sparkling Creative Collaborators issue of ID magazine, I was suddenly infused with this state of universal cogitation, particularly revolving around the notion of "teamwork".

The special issue of the mag portrays in such an inspiring and candid manner a series of interviews/testimonies featuring noted creatives in the art&fashion industry that not only sparked uncontrollable grins onto my face, but also into my heart ( wow, that surely resonated melodramatically, but hey, I'm having an instrospection moment here - meant to actually gather around all of your thoughts and ideas on the matter in question, still to be discussed here)

Briefly, the message projected repeatedly throughout the mag, is the importance of teamwork within the fashion industry ( idea which can easily apply on a general note).

While I was genuinely tickled (emotionally & positively) by the confidence of opinion delivered by the writers of the issue, I couldn't help but wonder if there is a slight contradiction in here related to Anna Wintour's words " When I hear a company is being run by a team, my heart sinks, because you need to have that leader with a vision and heart that can move things forward.”  which you may slightly remember from THIS POST. Her words clearly promoted a leadership mantra, which in ID's opinion doesn't stand so strategically well-positioned in a fashion "battlefield"..or "playground" . So now my thoughts are torn between these 2 mindsets slightly divergent yet congruent at the same time. Should we play the lonely rangers or is "team" really the way towards the dream ? 

Personally, ever since I started behaving slightly more proactively in my than just chasing grasshoppers in my grandma's backyard during my childhood, and entered various volunteering clubs in my home town later on as a teenager, I was officially introduced to the teamwork spirit, which unsurprisingly wasn't always rainbows and unicorns. There is no doubt though that the outcomes of OUR decisions and actions often times came in the form of an incredibly rewarding satisfaction. At the same time, I was also participating in individual contests and competitions, sometimes tasting the same, if not an even bigger self-gratification. So there I was bouncing again between the urge of owing my merits or equally sharing them with my peers. 

University came and nothing changed. Still sliding back and forth from group to individual projects, and here comes the moment of truth, when we should all admit that failing definitely feels better in a team. 

But although my thoughts are still unclear on the issue, I'll leave you with a set of witty, thought-provoking set of quotes from a handful of heavy characters in the F biz. Enjoy and pin them to your personal career scrapbook :) !

And hey! What's your opinion on this ? Do you think there's an actual recipe for success? Do you enjoy working individually or in a group ? Would love to hear your teamwork experiences ! 



  1. Love this post :) I think that a balance of both is the key to success, but at the same time, teamwork helps a lot in the fashion industry, as you need a flow of different ideas and perceptions to make something bigger, and even though teamwork isn't only rainbows and unicorns as you have mentioned, arguments can be constructive as well as destructive... I think it mostly depends on each and everyone of us to choose the way we like to work, but i sincerely believe in the balance between the two, even thug, personally I can be a true loner sometimes, I find teamwork extremely constructive and helpful:)

    1. You're so right ! :) Balance is key in everything anyway ! hugs


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