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03 December, 2013


Good morning, guys ! Today is one of those hectic days for me when I will be mostly running around and dealing with all sorts of tasks and appointments. So a quick morning fix for my stomach always comes in handy when I have no time to enjoy a savory, warm and creamy breakfast. 

Although I stopped eating bread a long time ago, grains are still a part of my daily dietas I use them in all sorts of porridges and baked goodies. But to be honest, I sometimes miss the crunchiness of a good baked slice of bread like the ones my mom would prepare for me when I was a kid. Luckily there are alternative means of enjoying that same mouth-watering sensation, and I am happy to present you my first ever baked  guilt-free extra healthy and simple cracker/bread !!

All you need is some old-fashioned oats+ other natural grains, seeds, cinammon and a little bit of water. Mix it up for a little while on the cooker to get a creamy paste , than lay it down on a baking paper in any shape and thickness. ( I prefered it very thin and crunchy :D ) Let it bake on both sides until you get the texture you want. 

Add some avocado slices or any other fruits + your favourite smoothie and you are good to go ! 

Make sure to bake the bread the night before as the baking time can take quite a while. The next morning you can just grab it and get going ! 

Bon apetit ! 

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  1. This is such a great alternative to bread! Love this idea


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