Magical Holidays

26 December, 2013


Happy holidays, my beloved ! I am currently writing from the coziness of my room back in my Romanian home town. I'm home for the holidays, and this year, Christmas has been more magical than ever before. I cannot even process all the goodness, newness and happiness that has taken over my life at the moment. A glorious ending to an overwhelming year I must say !

These photos were taken right before I left Denmark and I am afraid they were also the last ones with my old long hair. In case you haven't noticed it on my Instagram, I've recently got a fresh, short haircut and life has never been better haha !

Now speaking of my outfit, I must say it was the weirdest feeling strolling around, mid-day, in tight leather leggings and killer boots, but anything done for the sake of fashion is forgiven, right ? Anyway, thanks to my latest friend and talented photographer, Steffen Christensen , I managed to showcase these lovely pieces I was wearing thanks to the ever wonderful shop, Jydepotten and a newly discovered brand that stole my heart on the spot, Gunhild. I absolutely love their leather pieces and high quality knits-the one I am wearing in particular, became my favourite Christmas sweater !

The fierce French Connection overcoat I was wearing here, charmed my at first sight and somehow made me ignore my slight fobia for colours. This time I simply took the courage to wear the loudest colour out there and my mood changed immediately ! It's amazing what colours can do to your spirit and if Christmas time isn't the best reason to rock those jolly, happy hues, then what is ?

So this Christmas, embrace colour, love and happiness ! Allow yourself to lay back, relax and laugh out loud ! We should all give ourselves the luxury to become children again from time to time. This is what enables us to seize the real meaning of life !

Happy holidays ! 


leather leggings from Saint Tropez and French Connection overcoat thanks to Jydepotten
sweather thanks to Gunhild
Zara boots 


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