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10 December, 2013


Never have I imagined that I would ever say this, but thank God for Twitter ! A few days ago I had the pleasant surprise to be "followed" by Athena Procopiou , a complete new name for my ears, which nonetheless turned out to be my latest fashion crush ! And just in time for Christmas ! Who needs woolen scarves when you can pamper your body with such exquisite designs that will take you directly on a far-away from the cold, on exotic and heavenly beach shore ? Not me, for sure !

As soon as I saw the FW 2013 campaign  I knew I want to be THAT GIRL - lounging carelessly on a vintage sofa, caressed by the silky touch of one of Athena's designs ! Putting that down on my Christmas list, Santa? 

And can we talk a bit about the prints ? Oh, mighty prints, why are you so beautiful ? All these kaleidoscope effects, filled with butterflies and florals and other nature inspired graphics simply scream "fairytale" and who wouldn't want to be a princess in this story ? Head on to the designer's webpage to discover her ethereal world and hopelessly fall in love with her designs ! 

Good news - there's actually a pre-Christmas sale on the web-shop



  1. Those prints look so majestic, love!! xx

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    1. I know ! They are incredible ! thanks for the comment <3


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