Iron Lady

13 January, 2014

It's been almost a month since I got my short do, and I can finally feel completely comfortable with it. It has definitely been the first step towards a brand new me but besides the aesthetic change, the biggest change has happened within me, as I have become a totally new person, more peaceful, greatful, happy and PRESENT ! I am determined to embrace 2014 as the year of CHANGE and from now on I will not let any more meaningful moments in my life pass by without enjoying them wholeheartedly. 

And speaking of change, I am determined to spice up a bit more my chromatic choices this year, as I had really become comfortable in the past with the almighty BLACK. And the truth is, a little colour now and then can only bring fun to one's look ! So I decided to take it slowly this time by playing around with burgundy , white and silver, 3 shades which blend together into the most luxurious sartorial mixture. Whenever in doubt and looking for something elegant to put on other than the LBD , go for burgundy accessories ! Matching your lipstick with a particular accessory in your outfit can also help ! 

Now speaking of this particular shooting, I have to emphasize how much I adore my talented photographer friend, Steffen Christensen who always knows how to capture the essence of any outfit. It's not always easy to feel comfortable in your own skin when collaborating with a new photographer but he definitely knows how to make it easy for me to "strike that pose" and every shooting becomes an entertaining and relaxing experience. So expect to see more from us two ! 

Until next time, stay warm and love each other ! 


MIXXO coat
H&M shoes accessories (added to my coat's collar )
Calvin Klein shirt
Mango skirt
old envelope clutch and baroque stockings
Zara booties
Rimmel London lipstick (shade 120 )





  1. in ce magazin zara ai gasit botinele? le-am cautat de o gramada de ori si nu erau :(

  2. Love the lacy tights and the grey fuzzy coat! So pretty


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