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23 January, 2014

elle style awards copenhagen 2014 kim felecia


You might remember KIM from a previous post I created after spotting her hard-to-miss & super cool style on campus at TEKO. I then took the courage to approach her for a quick round of photos and to my surprise she turned out to be extremely friendly and reliable, which made it possible for us to continue working together. 

So when she asked for my help in order to capture some "making of" candids of her BA graduation collection, I immediately accepted without hesitation. 

So who is KIM FELICIA as a designer? She can tell you herself: 

"I create my darlings with an international perspective yet Scandinavian simplicity, with both a classic yet modern appearance of a mature as well as chic attitude. The styles are handmade and well considered with high quality both within material choices as within technical finishes with an eye for details which forms a delicate exclusive look. 

This collection takes inspiration from the fashion era of the 60s where I have found great interest in designers as Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, Jean Voight and Mary Quant in particularly the geometrical space age period."

Quite interesting, don't you think ? I, for one, am extremely grateful to be able to constantly meet such talented and motivated students around my university. I am willing to help and support them each time I can ! This is why, I would like to urge you all to show your love for fashion and support for emerging designers and give a quick vote to Kim for the ELLE STYLE AWARDS Copenhagen 2014 contest. You can access the link HERE ! Deadline for voting ends tomorrow at noon, London time , so HURRY UP with those fashionable voting clicks ! 

Good luck, Kim and no matter the results of this competition, I am sure we will hear more from you in the future ! 





photos Sara Constance

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