Glam Punk

20 March, 2014


I've always been a "nude lips" type of girl, yet, since I've gone through this major hairstyle chop, I've started going more and more often for the "vampy look", meaning cat-eye + burgundy/red lipstick . I have to say though, it's not the most practical makeup, so I usually only choose it for parties, or -case in point- blog posts ^^ ( CHECK + CHECK ) . 

Another thing I haven't really been accustomed to is wearing statement shoes ( black heels were a regular purchase ) , but I must say, Denmark has already given me quite a dark wardrobe legacy which paired with the gloomy weather outside, is not the best "mood booster". So this year I've decided to slowly revive my wardrobe and give it a happy makeover. Although I'm not scared of change, I found it rather challenging to get out of my black sartorial comfort zone too drastically, so I decided to start with these pretty pumps from ASOS, whose cheerfully girly hue and glitzy-glam heels caught my eye at first click .

And then there's this Zara dress...which too me also counts as a "colourful" outfit touch. You have to bear with me here...I'm already wearing pink heels on a pink house background being all smiles and that.. One thing at a time !

So because I didn't want to get too feminine, I topped the look with this fierce & fab recycled leather jacket by upcoming sustainable brand PELECHECOCO and my uniform leather-looking H&M trousers ( I could literally wear them every day!).

 It might be my never ending love for rock n' roll or my recent life change (moving to Scotland in September to continue my studies in Fashion Management for two more years) that have infused my style with a British laid-back vibe, as I definitely feel an 80s glam punk atmosphere in these pictures shot by friend Steffen Christensen. So much, I almost hear Debbie Harry singing her "Heart of glass" out in my head. (side note: I absolutely love her! ) 

In the end, I don't know if I'll settle for such a biker-chic look on a regular basis, as I am still a sucker for masculine polished looks. But having some "fashion fun" once in a while and playing dress up makes these kind of style experiments worth the while. 

Until next time (when I might be writing from Romania, as I am soon going home for quite a long holiday), dare to add some pink to your outfit ! It does wonders to your mood !


PELECHECOCO recycled leather jacket
ZARA dress
H&M trousers
ASOS shoes




  1. superb! (ce fond de ten folosesti?)

  2. Thanks !! Nu folosesc fond de ten, decat BB sau CC cream. Uneori aplic si fond de ten ( L'oreal Accord Parfait) doar in zona ochilor si pe pometi. ^^

  3. Superba. Imi place rau nuanta rujului. Imi spui, te rog, ce este ?! :) Merci

  4. your blog is adorable! love it! following you now dear. check out my blog and maybe follow me if you'd like. :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing a lot of this good content! I am looking forward to seeing more...


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