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16 March, 2014

 Sara Constance personal resume


Because let's face it-that's what you are doing when you hand in your CV, hoping to get the highest price possible paid for your skills. You put yourself for sale but there should be no shame in that !

In my case, I have decided to put my creative mind up for auction, and I am determined to settle only for the highest bid ! 

My CV though has a rather unusual aesthetic and content, comprising literally my entire personality and lifestyle, appart from my professional skills, education and work experience. The reason why I chose this approach is because I cannot imagine myself working outside the creative industries, therefore I wanted to stay true to myself and provide a transparent view of my career prospects and aspirations.

I am not ashamed to make this CV public, as it is my dearest and at the same time, most difficult project, which perfectly illustrates my career mantra: I will only work for what I LOVE ! 

I knew from an early age that I will never be able to enjoy working on something that doesn't genuinely excite or motivate me and so I decided to create my own job through this blog. The journey to success is long, yet filled with rewards so no matter how tired I might get at times, I won't give up walking this road for as long as I'll be able to enjoy doing what I know I am made to do: create!

Have a look at my Curriculum Vitae HERE !

P.S.  "Be so good they can't ignore you !" (Steve Martin)


1 comment:

  1. Hey Sara :)
    I love your portfolio style. (I have seen your portfolio for some years)
    It is so inspiring. But unfortunately your link does`t work anymore :(
    Can I see your portfolio somewhere else?
    I wanted to show it to my friend.

    keep doing your thing.

    nice greetings . Mary


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