28 April, 2014


I've been home in Romania for almost 1 month now and I can't believe how fast time flew by. There were so many things to take care of, reunions, visits, Easter, more visits to come, lots of sports outdoors, but most importantly, my return to my most beloved "endroit" - the countryside, the pure, unspoiled land where I grew up most of my childhood. 

That is the place where I always find my inner piece and happiness, where I can resonate with every energy surrounding me, from the fruitful green fields, to the golden sunlight, to the soft and soothening wind. 
Although I am a city girl, nature has always played an important role in my well-being and I cannot survive without having the chance to lose myself around deep, mysterious forests or feel the freshness of the morning grass under my feet. This is why spring-summer are also my favourite seasons, and the best time to recharge my batteries from nature's best offerings. 

I couldn't think of a better dress to celebrate my Easter at the countryside than this vintage, peachy herald of spring, that I received as a present from a very special girl-friend. I've been dying to wear it ever since and I knew it will match perfectly my wooden coral sandals ( although they weren't the best shoes to walk in on wet and uneven ground). I have to admit it is not necessarily a sartorial choice that I would make on a regular basis, as it it 100% girly and feminine, yet I felt completely FREE and comfortable wearing it during that particular day ! 

P.S. Two days left before the DEADLINE of the "Stick Creative" contest ! Go HERE to find out more !!!


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  1. beautiful my dear!!!:)

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