10 April, 2014


Spring is a time for new beginnings, for spiritual and creative makeovers and wardrobe renewals ! And speaking of "clothing" , I dare you postpone that new pair of sandals egocentric purchase and focus a bit on your best friend as well ! Your SMARTPHONE, that is ! We all tend to forget about this little every-day companion of ours, that makes our lives so much easier, and leave it covered in that plain old black case or even NAKED ?! 

It's high time you also consider dressing it up in a brand new attire, that would perfectly match your uber-cool spring wardrobe ! What's even better is that you will now be able to literrally "stick to" your best bud wherever you go, thanks to the revolutionary brand, EXTRAVERSO! The innovative and creative minds behind this young company have developed the first customisable surface adhering smartphone and tablet cover which can stick on flat and glassy surfaces due to a special suction effect .
Pure awesomeness ! You can read more about it -> HERE (PC version) !

No matter your device, from I-phone, Samsung Galaxy, Google's Nexus or Blackberry's Z10, you can now accessorize it with the most practical and original cover, as YOU have the chance to create your own unique design ! This leads me to the surprise me and the Extraverso team have prepared for you this month, which is the chance to WIN the most fashionable smartphone cover out there and join the "Sticky" trend that will change your lives forever !


1. An ExtraVerso cover customised with YOUR design ! 
2. Two 20% discount vouchers for your friends
3. The opportunity to sell your design in Extraverso's "Designer's Gallery", earning 2 euros for each sale !!
4. If you are a professional, you will be adding a huge achievement to your portfolio!


1. You can only submit a design made by you !
2. You can only submit one design !
3. You can submit both illustrations, graphic art, photography etc. as long as these details are respected:
  •  It has to be an jpg. file
  •  It has to be 16 CMYK
  •  It has to be 1500x3000 pixels

All the designs submitted will be uploaded on Extraverso's Facebook page!

There will be 2 WINNERS !! One chosen by the Facebook community through the basic "Like" system + One chosen by me and a team of graphic designers from Extraverso based on creativity, originality and concept. 

Think out of the box and create something you would LOVE your smartphone to wear ! Stylish, edgy, feminine, pop-art, minimalistic ? You decide !

SUMBMISSION ADDRESS: discover@extraverso.com

DEADLINE for submission : 1/5 !!!

The WINNERS will be announced on my blog on the 2nd !! 


S & E

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