16 April, 2014


A combo that I was always slightly apprehensive about, yet, ever since the latest "all-denim-everything" frenzy, I've been trying to find a way to make this trend work. My solution? Choosing similar denim hues and taming it down with a structured casual jacket to create a harmonious contrast. 

For me, jeans & gold have always been the go-to mix whenever looking to create a casual yet sophisticated outfit. I also find the two shades being very compatible, giving a very pleasant chromatic effect, in this case, perfect for spring ! 

Because I was already crossing the border through a dangerous zone, by pairing denim w/ denim, I sticked to minimal accessories- classic black bag & shoes (pointed because THEY ARE BACK & ROCKING the spring street-style ! )  This also helped me step out of the 90's vibe and offer a contemporary feel to my look. (Don't get me wrong, the 90's ARE SO IN right now and I can't wait to experiment with their good old fashion elements- but that's another future story! )

Another trend that I am quite fascinated about but haven't had the chance to experiment with yet is "THE FRINGE" . Here, I tried to incorporate it through the golden belt whose cheeky & stylish tassel added some movement to my outfit, but I'll be braver next time ! 

So here you have it, one simple, casual look where you can easily incorporate 4 trends : DENIM MANIA, FLARE TROUSERS ( the skinny jeans are dead, haven't you heard ?!) , THE FRINGE  & THE POINTED SHOES ! They might not be fresh-off-the-runway, but I did it my way, and as long as you feel comfortable and confident with your sartorial choices, that's all that matters ! And I sure had a blast wearing these clothes ! 

P.S. Don't forget to check the design contest I have presented you in a previous post ! Time is ticking and the deadline gets closer and closer ! 


ZARA jacket & bag 
MASSIMO DUTTI shoes & jeans
old denim shirt by ORSAY
vintage scarf
belt- unknown brand



  1. I love the jacket!

  2. This girl is beautiful and the jeans that she wear makes her more gorgeous and I fall in love with her. She is really attractive. Thanks


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