And the winners are..

03 May, 2014

1. Pernille Sandberg
2. Claudia Marian

CONGRAAATS !!! The winners of the "Stick creative" contest organized by me and sponsored by EXTRAVERSO  has come to an end and here are the two creative winners !

I want to thank everyone for their effort and participation ! Unfortunately, like in any contest, there can only be a few winners. In this case, Claudia is the Facebook queen who gathered the highest amount of likes and will therefore be rewarded as promised ! Her design was also super cool, intricate and elegantly executed ! 

The winner chosen by me and the EXTRAVERSO team is Pernille's exquisite butterfly which is simply perfect for a unique smartphone cover. Minimalistic and complex at the same time, the design will surely become a brand hit in their Designer Collection

P.S. I love how the two winners together create such an organic and exotic vibe! It almost feels like summer ! 

Until next time,



S & Extraverso

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