#instafollow- Top 10 Instagram accounts- The inspirational edition

07 May, 2014


Instagram is a glorious little world, filled with gods & fairies covered in dreamy filters and various #hashtags. And although it is unquestionably fascinating, it can also get rather crowded and foggy. 

Shamefully, I admit I am a novice Instagram user, having started my account this year, to immediately discover that somehow I've been wearing a digital cape of ignorance and invisibility prior to the opening of my account. Instagram unfolds such a vivid, pictoresque and inspirational "creative hub" , that you are immediately caught by the bug of the 1:1 snaps. 

My daily Instagram feed comprises a series of bloggers/influencers/stylists/creatives whose expertise range from food & fitness to art & fashion. Although I am also following major publications, websites and designers, the top 10 I have prepared for you today doesn't focus on fashion industry news, but more on a fascinating doze of inspiration that will adorn your feed with playful, artistic, messy, dreamy and #instagood visuals. 

So, smartphones- ready, set, FOLLOW !




  1. I just found your blog and I like it. If you wanna follow each other via GFC, just let me know on my blog:-)


  2. Lovely inspiration, I'm already following Eleonora Carisi, she's amazing!
    By the way, lovely blog dear! Just wanted to tell you that the text color's may be a little too light to read comfortably, it's just my opinion of course ;)
    Love from France <3

  3. Great post. Everyone nowadays have Instagram and it's nice that you've done something like that. Wish to check out my blog.



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