Quote of the day- Sophia Amoruso

05 May, 2014

Your week is bound to be perfect when you start Monday morning with a super empowering #goodread courtesy of Refinery29. The interview starring Sophia Amoruso, CEO of mega-site Nasty Gal is a kick in any female/entrepreneur's powerhouse booty, but there's one particular paragraph that caught my eye: 

“My dad said at dinner the other night something that I really loved — he said, ‘Hope is not a strategy,’ which is so true. 

The best things happen with not only hope, but ingenuity, self-awareness, and a lot of elbow grease. 
 That’s when the real magic happens.

So get out of bed, put away your phone, get on that treadmill or yoga mat and #salute this glorious new week ! You are a warrior !

P.S. Check out Sophia's latest book HERE


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