Early 2000s TOP 10 fashion playlist

21 June, 2014

Early 2000s. MTV. TRL. Britney. Cut-offs. No-frame shades. Panties on display. Crazy eye-shadow.

Need I say more? For me, these years were REVOLUTIONARY. Thanks to MTV and later on VH1, I learned English, fashion and mirror-dancing. Leaving behind the tomboyish 7-year-old little girl and moving towards a more feminine teen girl feels quite natural when J-Lo teaches you how to tie your scarf around your hips and Britney how to make a T-shirt knot to reveal your belly-button. The freedom of movement, the fun of playing dress-up, the "dance like nobody's watching" feeling..that's what those years were all about for me...and I kinda miss them.

The videos I selected below have each played quite a big part in the development of my fascination with styling. So let's ignore the forever&always over-sexualized popstar image promoted by music videos and focus on what really fills our hearts with joy and makes us play dress up while shaking those hips in front of the mirror. It's that fashion fantasy created by the flashing items which appear to be even more fascinating when showcased through movement.

Although I wasn't aware of it at such an early age, that was the time when my confidence started to build up, when I started to feel feminine, beautiful and almost unstoppable. All I did was dance, sing and draw. I was surrounded by creativity and this became an obvious scenario for my future career.

So let's celebrate our childhood and "get the party started" ( I apologize to Pink for not including her in this list but I was never a fan of the cargo pants..)

1. First stop, Mya and her mind-blowing fast-forward wardrobe swap. This girl really made the tennis hat + Adidas tracksuit look really hot ! Too much panty showing though..


2. Oh, J-Lo and your little floral shorts and wide-brim hat ! And is that an Adidas jumpsuit you're wearing ? The Sportswear + golden jewelry movement was definitely the hand of my fairy godmother stylist, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele ! This video was pure fashion bliss for me !


3. Time for some cat-walk lessons for none other than Miss Naomi Campbell and some Jay Z and Pharell, just because. R&B was at its best and so were the glam boxer shorts. ( note to self: I just realized there weren't so many clothes involved in this video actually )


4. Although I like to think this video made it to the list thanks to Beyonce's champagne dance in that sparkly two-piece ( Remember those knot cropped tops ? J-Lo was also wearing one earlier above !), Usher's dance also had a strong say in it!


5. Let's leave those circle earings aside for a sec ( who seemed to rule all women's ears around that time) and focus on that denim outfit ! THAT DENIM OUTFIT ! It definitely has to make it in fashion history. Oh and I miss the outfit-background coordination, much like in Destiny's Child "Say my name" video. So much FUN !


6. Was there anything better than using a long tank top and a chunky belt tied around your hips to create an tiny mini dress? Can we wear that again and finger-snap like Jamelia while doing it ? Rethorical question of course.


7. Girl band matching outfits were always my fascination! And there was no one doing it better than Destiny's Child (case in point the burgundy costumes in this vid) ! But still, Beyonce's one-sleeve fur top worn in the first scene is just EVERYTHING !


8. Here is the Queen of low-cut jeans & panties over leather trousers. Still, with such abs, no one could blame her. These two iconic Britney outfits need no more words.


9. Well, these ladies knew how to wear them corsets. And then there's Christina's CRAZY hair. And then you thought tt just couldn't get better ! Until she made the "glove" move ( min 3:04) !


10. Closing up, it's Jenny (from the block) again. Because she taught me how to tie a scarf around my hips and shake them (even before Shakira). And well..because I am not 8 anymore and I can pause at 1:38 ! Good night, ladies !


Hope you enjoyed this brief retrospective of my top childhood fashion moments in music videos !
I'd love to hear about your personal favourite ones!


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  1. oh my god,thanks for sharing these :) these videos set me right back into my childhood.i used to play these songs all day long on repeat


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