05 June, 2014


I completely forgot about these photos taken back in April when I visited my family in Romania.

 Although the look I was wearing was pretty basic, I think it perfectly illustrates the main items in my wardrobe right now which I could wear constantly by mixing and matching them with other items. 

There is no secret that my blog & style are not about showing off unique outfits with each related post, but more about showing useful ways of styling your wardrobe on a budget, and really making the most out of every item you own. 

Living abroad and having to travel by plane have taught me to finally choose quality over quantity, as there is nothing more grueling than having to carry a super heavy luggage with you everytime you travel. 

At the moment, I am basically dressing up from a medium sized suitcase, mostly filled with summer clothes, the only warm items being the exact same jacket in these photos and a cropped sweater. With 3 countries to cross in 2 months ( each with completely different weather and styles), it was literally impossible to pack a proper luggage. I'm still confident though that I'll slowly manage to conquer the art of packing. Just add some more travels to my passport, please !

P.S. Until July, I am afraid the outfit posts on my blog will be as scarce as me watching movies.

Exciting things are happening at the moment in Denmark and big plans are coming up for my blog ! 

Stay tuned ! 



skirt H&M
jacket (old) MISS SIXTY
bag & shoes ZARA
earrings ALYA

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