Farvel, Denmark !

25 June, 2014


In just a few hours I'll be flying away from Denmark forever, leaving behind the place that for 2 years has been my second home. It has been a great journey all the way, filled with ups but also downs , which have only made the adventure even more exciting. 

Now I am heading towards new, even more challenging adventures. But before I'll have to start all over again at my new university in Scotland, I still have a  few stops to make along the way, which will hopefully give me many more moments of fun, relaxation but also productivity ! 

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And now, let's talk a bit of fashion ! This is an outfit I managed to shot while in Aarhus for a studio styling session ( You'll get to see the results of that in the near future) and it felt truly liberating not to wear heels and feel completely comfortable ! I was wearing my first pair of flare tailored trousers, purchased from Topshop while I was in Madrid and I decided to pair it with this utterly adorable vintage top from Magpie Lane, an incredible store in Herning. The blazer was meant to end up on the model I styled for the shooting, but I had to borrow it for these photos as it was simply irresistible ! 

At the moment I am honestly going through a mixed set of emotions, feeling not only excited about my future adventures, but also scared. Denmark has become my "comfort zone" and it's quite weird having to leave it behind, together with its lovely people. I am positive though that things always work out and I will continue meeting amazing people along the way, which will give me even more incredible experiences. 

Thank you, Dk for being such a welcoming host ( despite your crazy weather) and who knows, maybe I'll see you again in the future !


trousers TOPSHOP
top (vintage) from Magpie Lane Herning
bag  & loafers ZARA
blazer Philosophy Blues Original ( thanks to Jydepotten Herning ) 


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  1. Awesome! love whole this look! Beautiful photos! :)



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