13 June, 2014

raw chewy healthy delicious truffles


As promised, I've finally arrived with a simple tutorial on how you can also make my favourite sweet, healthy and simple energy bites ! FAST & EASY ! 

These little raw beauties are the perfect choice to pump up those muscles before or after a workout and to satisfy your sweet-tooth without any guilt involved ! There are so many variations on how to create truffles ( the coconut ones are a MUST TRY as well ! ) , yet I chose to show you the most basic recipe, as you already have all these ingredients in your kitchen !

So keep your mouth closed until the end of the guide, then get down to work and please that awesome stomach of yours ! 

Summer is right around the corner and we all want to get into our best shape possible for bikini season, yet this doesn't mean we have to deprive ourselves from sweet treats! Especially when it's so much fun to try out healthy dessert recipes ! 

I've never felt more in shape,  confident and strong than I am feeling now, and it's all thanks to a mindful balance between regular excercise & the joy of food , GOOD HEALTHY TASTY FOOD ! 

I've never belived in diets, NEVER tried them, yet one year ago, during my internship in Seville, I went through a sudden weight loss due to extremely high temperatures and stress that killed all my appetite. All I wanted to do after coming back from work was to eat watermelon and sleep ! Luckily, I've recovered from that phase and now I feel more powerful and energized than ever ! 

So I guess now you know my little secret, but enough with the talking ! Let's COOK, EAT & BE HAPPY! 

STEP 1: the dry ingredients 

Mingle those sexy oats you kept hidden in your cupboard with whatever nuts you have available ! 

TIP: keep it gluten-free with no oats at all ! Just mix seeds & nuts till you get that fine, grainy composition. The oats will only give a chewier composition.

  STEP 2: the wet ingredients 

Water + cocount oil + dry, chewy, sweet fruits (apricots and figs are my favourite ! Dates are the most recommended ones in most recipes out there but I personally haven't found them suitable for me. They might work for you though !) 

TIP: soak the figs/dates in hot water for a few minutes beforehand to get an even creamier texture when blending. This will require less water. 

STEP 3: time to get dirty !

I have to warn you, this will be rather sticky and messy but it's worth the while. All you have to do is roll the mixture into small balls, making sure they have the most perfect round shape.

TIP: place the sticky rolls once ready on a plate and leave them in the fridge for 5 min to let the coconut oil cool and harden. This will make it easier to get through STEP 4 !

STEP 4: the extras

Now it's all about creativity ! Roll the truffles in cocoa powder ( I use carob usually because it's sweeter and more calcium-friendly) , sprinkle coconut flakes or chia seeds and decorate your creations with goji berries or whatever other wild berries you might have. There are no rules ! Just make the most beautiful truffles out there !

P.S. Food is first tasted with our eyes and this is the excuse that allowed me to get creative not only in fashion, but also in the kitchen lately.

Have fun and BON APPETIT ! 

P.S. Don't forget to share these with your dear ones ! Happy weekend !



  1. Super reteta! Voi incerca

    Ps: un buton de facebook share, google + sau ceva de genul la sfarsitul postarii ar fi ideal!!


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