19 June, 2014


Pantene has done something quite brilliant in their latest commercial- reminding us all women how ridiculous we sound when apologizing to men from an instinctive feeling of inferiority, insecurity or fear. Fear of not hurting their feelings, of seeming impolite or of looking maybe too independent and powerful. But guess what, WE ARE independent and powerful, and there's no shame in that. We should feel as confident as all men to express our points of view, loudly, sharply and bravely. 

The commercial has really made me reflect upon my own behaviour and I can't deny I haven't been guilty of saying "sorry" way too much in past situations. Fortunately I have realized  that "sorry" is not a shortcut towards success, but more towards mediocrity. And that's definitely not a label I want to associate myself with.

But why are women apologizing anyway ? Have you ever asked yourself that? I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic !  Now watch the commercial below and think about it ! :)


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