Nature's child

28 July, 2014

Ioana Grigore photography all black outift

Although I have just turned 21, such a corner stone in one's existence (or so they say) , as it marks the official beginning of adulthood worldwide, I will always remain a child deep within, and that feeling is never stronger than when I find myself surrounded by my family's love and care. 

I have been living a carefree summer so far in my home town, that summer I have been craving for throughout the entire year, that I like to think I deserved after non-stop travelling, projects and gruelling stress. And it's not even halfway ended ! 

As long as I am close to nature, I feel more energetic than ever! It's like I recharge my fuel from every gust of wind blowing through the trees, from every deep inhale of the fresh, revitalizing forest air or from every step taken through the luscious wheat fields growing from the fertile ground. No matter how old I get, I will always remain nature's child ! 

So here I am with a super special shooting I did with an extremely talented photographer I was lucky enough to meet in Romania ! It's not common for me to select almost 50 photos from a shooting (although here I only selected my very final favourite ones), or not to have anything to say in the editing, but I must admit, everything (appart from the mosquito bites) was perfect ! And I got to finally wear the fringed crop top I have designed myself ! 

 I feel this is the beginning of a fresh, new, productive time in my life, filled with more love, peace and happiness ! 21, I am ready for you !

Thank you all for the birthday wishes !!


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  1. Frumoase pozele!! Imi da senzatia unei povesti romantice... :)


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