Raw Chocolate Coconut Summer Cake

14 July, 2014


I could never get tired of experimenting with my 3 favourite superfoods: coconut, avocado and carob powderSo here I am again with a fresh, filling and delicious recipe that I have promised you long time ago. 

What you basically need for this one, apart from the 3 main ingredients previously mentioned (note: you can easily add cocoa powder instead of carob, but it won't be as sweet) , is :

-coconut oil
-maple syrup/ extra bananas for sweetness 
-dash of salt 
-berries/fruits for decorating 

There are 3 steps:

1. Set the coconut crust !

Blend some fresh coconut until finely chopped + add coconut oil (it will keep the mixture together when frozen) + maple syrup/super ripe banana to make the mixture sweeter and stickier , then place it in a round form (covered in plastic food wrap to help you take out the cake later on )

2.  The raw chocolate mousse !!!!

Here comes my favourite part : blend one extra ripe avocado with as much cocoa/carob powder as you wish ! The more, the better ! Add your favourite natural sweetener to the mixture ( I prefer bananas , but honey or maple syrup are also a good choice) + a dash of salt to enhance the flavour, then layer it on top of the coconut crust.

3. Get creative !

This is the last step, where you should get as creative as possible when decorating your summer cake ! 

tip: add bananas, kiwi, green grapes,apricots or any other light coloured fruit, to get a nice contrast with the dark chocolate mouse. Having many contrasting colours on your plate will take your eating experience to a whole new level of excitement ! ( I topped my cake with whatever I had that day in the fridge) 

And there you have it ! Easy, peasy, DELICIOUS  ! Just place it in the fridge for a few hours to let the mixtures stick together, then gently take the cake out by grabbing the plastic wrap underneath and place it on a plate. Serve it right away and lick your fingers ! 

Bon appétit !



  1. Yum yum one of my favorites, gonna give this a go this week, thanks for sharing this :-)


  2. I wanna try this..looks so yummy! :)


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