Running the streets of Soho

06 July, 2014

Nikes on in Soho London


After two months of ongoing travelling in 3 completely different countries and cultures, I am finally back in my cozy home in Romania, where I'll be relaxing for another 2 months. 

These particular photos were taken by a dear friend of mine who was not only willing to host me for a whole week in London, but who was also patient enough to follow me around Soho with a camera. 

And I must say, I was quite fast in my new Nike running shoes ! Some of you might know from my Instagram about a small ankle injury I had from over-training. Although it was nothing more than a sore ankle, I didn't have time to rest and recover as I was already about to take off to London, where "resting" was definitely not on my radar. I had to see the city, but a proper pair of shoes was required, no matter its aesthetics. Luckily enough, I was able to find a pair that not only fit the performance standards, but was also quite "good looking" (even though I must confess I buy most of my running shoes from the men department as I love the colours much more!) 

So I was finally able to try out for the first time the skirt + sneakers combo, to which I have been utterly reluctant for a long time. Coming from Denmark where most of the girls wear exactly this ( although New Balance is the norm there) , I always said I will avoid this overly saturated trend. But here I am, having to surrender to it, due to my medical problem. And I must say, I couldn't have made a better decision ! I literally felt like flying the streets of London! I was simply unstoppable thanks to Nike ! 

So, because I couldn't dare much from the very beginning, I paired the shoes with a plain all-black outfit, keeping it super minimal to add an extra plus of comfort. Now that I am back in Romania though, the temperatures in here only allow me to wear these sneakers while running (which is what I am doing tomorrow morning !) 

Now, tell me a bit about your "fashionable cheating" tricks . I honestly believe that sneakers are the future of fashion, with so many high-fashion brands, including Chanel and Dior, matching them on the runway with elegant and classy two-pieces , or even with evening gowns. The woman of the future is active, fit and daring. So why not wear sneakers in any situation, no matter the dress code ? After all, health is primordial, and being fit is sexy. Even though we don't like to admit it, heels are not a woman's best friends unfortunately !

So, are you willing to choose comfort over fanciness ? 

I was wearing:

Nike running shoes
Zara skirt and bag
Mango top



  1. Lovely shots! You've got an adorable personality shining through in these photos :)

  2. Nice outfit!

  3. These are the best photos! I love how excited and full of energy you look in these pics. Super cute handbag and shoes! I just got a pair of black and white nikes that I love.


  4. Great look, i love your shoes and your pics are so beautiful =)

    new post up

  5. Love this outfit! And I totally agree, sneakers are so much more comfortable as opposed to running around in heels during the day.

  6. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! sneakers isabel marant


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