Designer for Tomorrow- Ioana Ciolacu

12 August, 2014


That's exactly how I would describe Ioana Ciolacufierce, motivated, tactful and strategic. No wonder her latest SS 2015 collection, started during the prestigious contest Designer for Tomorrow, has been simply entitled - "Hunters". And that's what we all are ultimately. In the fast-paced, challenging hunt unfolding in our everyday lives. The ugly truth though, is that only a few really manage to get their hands on their long chased "prey".

And Ioana is one skillful and fulfilled hunter! Having won the prestigious design competition- “Designer for Tomorrow 2013”, sponsored by Peek & Cloppenburg and coordinated by none other than Stella McCartney herself, she is now at the height of success! Because to impress Stella…has to mean something!

Her winning collection has been presented this year during Berlin FW and its success is indisputable! I was lucky enough to actually touch and admire each piece during a visit at her atelier in Bucharest and I was truly taken aback by the quality of the fabrics, the intricate laser cuts and the subtle sexiness of the designs. Simply brilliant!

I am not promoting Ioana simply because she’s Romanian-although there’s no secret a strong pride is involved here- but also because I am deeply in love with her design aesthetic, work ethic and her contagiously optimistic personality. It’s been the first time I got to work closely with such a talented person, and although she should feel like a superstar especially here in Romania, she is the most humble and down-to-earth person I have ever met!

Here is a description of the collection:

The idea of the collection, conceptually entitled HUNTERS, revolves around the unpredictable and inter-changing relationship between the hunter and the prey. Contrasting elements such as love vs. war or power vs. weakness come to life both in the human society and in the wilderness. This is precisely the notion encompassed by the 25 outfits showcased and evoked through color, fabric use, silhouette, prints, technology and craftsmanship.
 The contrasts have played the essential part in the innovative “hunt” unfolded on the catwalk: from pale tones to statement colors, from dreamy and fragile fabrics to precise and empowering laser-cuts. The laborious hand-stitching and the flawless digital printing (personally created by the designer herself) have outlined the haute aesthetics and the quality of the collection, which was perfected by a series of exclusively designed sunglasses, made from plexiglass, wood and cork, materials that underline the above mentioned concept.

Ok ok, I won't keep the suspense on any longer ! So go ahead and take a look at her brilliant collection,  then go backstage at her catwalk show in Berlin! 

P.S. Ioana has also launched a capsule collection which you can shop at the bottom of this post!




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