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24 August, 2014


Not that I had any doubt about it previously, yet the unfortunate reputation of my home country abroad has sometimes made me have mixed feelings about it. Nonetheless, during the past 2 months since I've been home, I've started to appreciate more the land where I am and will forever be rooted in. Romania's raw beauty, unspoilt landscapes and unique tradition has no other equal anywhere else in the world. At least for me.

So this weekend I headed back to the Fagaras mountains, this time going for a higher and more challenging ascent towards Buteanu's Hunting Peak (2507 m to be exact). 

After finally fulfilling my dream of driving on the Transfagarasan road, we managed to reach Balea Lac, the point from where we would start our climb and although I was quite apprehensive about the weather, the fog only made the landscape even more breathtaking and the rain started to pour only when we came back. 

I won't say anything else about the view, as the photos speak for themselves..and I personally still feel the need to pinch myself as I remember the panorama surrounding me at that moment. UNBELIEVABLE !

And yet, my trip wouldn't stop there. Me and my parents continued our journey to another pretious Romanian gem, the city of Sibiu (aka Hermannstadt) , European Cultural Capital in 2007, a historical place, filled with medieval vibes and beautiful people. The visit included a great cup of coffee at MOJO, one of my favourite coffee place in Sibiu (good music, great design, delicious drinks and inspiring books!), a climb in the Council Tower (Turnul Sfatului) for a complete panorama of the city, a look at Divina Commedia by Dali, an exhibition of the artist's original illustrations of Dante's famous work, taking place at the Brukenthal Museum, a small walk around the city's romantic narrow streets ( which instantly reminded me of Seville) and then a trip to Dumbrava Sibiului, a natural park outside the city, where we walked through a huge outdoors museum of the Romanian traditional countryside architecture and lifestyle, dating back in the 17th century even.  Walking around those rural paths and entering such traditional houses really gave me the feeling of travelling back in time and I actually thought how much I would've loved living in those times- when everything was cleaner, fresher, greener and simpler. 

But then again..I am thankful for living in an era where if it hadn't been for my I-phone and computer, I wouldn't have had the chance to share with you these pictures. 

Enjoy and come see Romania ASAP ! 







  1. Esti superba! Iti urmaresc blogul de ceva timp, cand te-am vazut prima data nu am putut sa cred ca esti din Romania. Ma bucur ca exista bloggeri ca tine !

    As fi recunoscatoare daca mi-ai putea spune parerea ta si, bineinteles ai putea sa imi dau un sfat!Multumesc! Te pup !

  2. Superba postare, Sara. Minunate poze si locuri!

    te pup


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