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18 August, 2014


My recipe for unforgettable moments is filled with sun, water, loads of green spaces and fresh air. Growing up at the countryside has really turned me into a "nature addict" and during the past few days I have been a true outdoors-junkie. 

An entire day spent by the pool, soaking up the sun, was a well-deserved recharge just before an adventurous takeover of the Romanian mountains and then a full no-tech countryside weekend.

I felt so blessed to be able to explore my home country's natural beauty and at the same time pump up some adrenaline through my veins during a rather challenging climbing session. Those following me on Insta  might have seen the video I posted from my experience.

For those of you planning to explore new lands, I would definitely recommend you visit my country for its amazing landscapes and unspoilt nature. There's nothing like taking a ride via Transfagarasan ( one of the most beautiful roads in the world - ask the guys from Top Gear if you don't believe me ) , climbing the 1480 stairs until the Poenari fortress (the real Vlad Tepes castle, where the ruler used to spear the evildoers) or hiking in the Fagaras mountains!

Here are my favourite insta snaps from my mini-holiday! Until next time, stay outdoors !



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  1. I love your blog, the design is gorgeous! I'm a brand new blogger, still working on getting started, but I'm looking to network and meet other bloggers! Just wanted to say hi! :)


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