23 December, 2014


I don't know what took me so long to write this kind of post. I've been flying abroad constantly even before going to uni, and I've always appreciated a good travel tip so when I found out about RelayRides and their airport car rental service, I decided to write my first ever post about travel tips, tricks and essentials ! Those of you who haven't heard of RelayRides before, let me introduce you to their concept ! In a nut-shell, the webpage ( + APP ! ) allow you to save money, time and stress between airports and your final destinations by renting a cozy, fast and safe car (unfortunately, only available in the US) ! I have to admit , I haven't used such a service before, but I won't think twice next time I fly abroad , heavily loaded with luggage. Being able to avoid changing buses/trains + checking maps to find my way around a new city before getting to the hotel is definitely a life I would say YES to !

So, because most of us fly home for the Holidays, I've put together a travel toolkit with a bonus Christmas Gift Shopping List that will hopefully be super useful for those of you who left Christmas Shopping on the last minute.

We can't all fly first class, or on a personalized private jet like the Victoria's Secret Models, but we can make our travels easier and more enjoyable with a few secrets ( and this list doesn't cover even half of them ! )

So here are the steps I take when flying home for Christmas ! I would love to hear yours as well so go ahead and share them in the comments box !


photo credits: Instagram of +Kristina Bazan +Aimee Song +Chiara Ferragni +StyleScrapbook 

My favourite part of packing each time I go home for Christmas has to be gift-hunting ! Buying presents has become a tiresome and stressful activity for most people nowadays, but it doesn't have to be so if you remember the only thing that matters for your dear ones is that you remembered them and you thought about them when writing your Christmas Gift List .

But of course, what you buy is also important, so keep things simple and you will never go wrong ! 

My go to's in terms of presents are definitely accessories ! For men, belts, gloves, scarves and backpacks are a perfect (affordable) choice if you don't want to spend piles of money on watches, sunglasses, cufflinks or suitcases, while the ladies department offers more possibilities that also fit within a limited budget. I tend to go for makeup ( glam nailpolish as well !) , knitted accessories of course , jewelry and even umbrellas ( I, for one, know I would be super grateful for such a gift, given the tricky weather in Scotland during cold season ) 

Have a look at my presents edit on FASHIONCHICK and check out the super affordable last minute gift ideas ! You still have 2 days left so don't panic ! 

Merry Christmas !! 


  1. For extended travel, I start with rolling my clothes so I can fit more in my suitcase and only packing sensible, mix and match items. I also make sure to bring an extra baggie to keep my dirty clothes away from my clean clothes in my luggage.

  2. Nice share of information here. I really find this information really helpful for me. Thanks a lot..
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  3. Very nice tips. I remember the time when I was single, I travel around the world with light pack, but now, with a child, my trips are much heavier because of car seat and stroller and other baby's items, it makes me tired but always happy when seeing my child enjoy the word with me.


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