Personal Branding Workshop by Sara Constance at RGU

11 December, 2014


And that's a wrap ! I finally held my first workshop at RGU as part of my Adobe representative activity and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ! 

I am so grateful for everybody that showed up despite the heavy school schedule filled with deadlines at this time of the year.

During the event I set a challenge for the participants to answer the question "If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?" and match that superpower to a fast logo on paper. The winner is announced below and he will win apart from a personalized Adobe backpack and bike bottle, also a 3 months free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud ! 

Everyone else who would like to try out the amazing Creative Cloud, can download it from this link :

If you would also like to be an Adobe rep next semester, you can apply by filling out this form here: 

Once again, thank you all for joining ! You offered me a great experience ! 
Keep exploring your creativity and keep promoting your personal brand ! 

P.S. You can access my presentation HERE

much love,

Winner: Grant Stengs !

I really loved the idea of having "idea generation" as a superpower. You always need creativity and without it the world would be lost. I definitely think Grant could save the world with his superpower ! Plus , the idea of the logo is simple yet catchy and dynamic !

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